Tonfotos - intuitive photo and video archive manager and viewer

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Intuitive photo and video archive manager and viewer

Tonfotos simplifies browsing of large photo collections by grouping shots by events, dates, people, locations, and so on. Quickly find what you need regardless of where files are stored - on your computer, external drives, or NAS. While in beta stage, Tonfotos is available for free to the beta program participants.

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Take control of your family's history

Thanks to smartphone cameras, our lives are now well documented. It feels like a blessing: it is so easy to see how our children looked 5 years ago, or how magnificent the nature wonders were that we've seen on our trip, and share it with others.

The downside is that we generate many gigabytes of photos and videos every year and keeping track of it becomes a challenge. Tech giants offer us their cloud storages and excellent photo browsing functionality, but that does not come cheap. What is worse, the monthly bill is guaranteed to grow as we are not going to stop taking new photos.

Tonfotos is built for people who want to control own their personal data without paying a monthly bill to someone else. Our vision is to provide a state-of-the-art user experience when browsing and managing your photo collection, like that available from leading cloud providers, but without being locked into their expensive data storage plans.

Supported platforms

Tonfotos works on macOS, Windows and Linux.

Awesome Features

The current version is already packed with features.

Albums and Favourites

Albums and Favorites

Gather photos into groups without changing where they are stored. Mark favorites with one click.


Instant view mode

Make Tonfotos your default viewer to view photos in full screen right from the File Explorer.

Multiple storages

Multiple storages

Files can be on a PC, NAS, and removable hard drives.

Offline Mode

Offline mode

Find what you need in your archive, regardless of external hard drives or shared folders being disconnected.

RAW images

RAW Images

Work with RAW files just like with any other photo

HEIC format

HEIC files

Supports indexing and viewing Apple's heic files without preliminary conversion to JPEG

Features in our backlog

Please stay tuned for even more awesome functionality.


Photo editing software integration

iCloud support

iCloud support

yandex-disk support

Yandex Disk support

Archieve centralization

Automatic centralization of archive

Beta testing

Tonfotos is in beta stage now

That means we are actively developing it. There are a few things we would like to improve before we are confident to officially released it. Everyone who is willing to help us improve our product, is welcome to join our beta program. Participants get free access to the product and regular updates. In exchange, we will be grateful for your feedback, improvement ideas and responses to our occasional questions and surveys.

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