Tonfotos - best photo management software

Photo organizing software

An indispensable application for organizing family photo archives

Tonfotos simplifies browsing of large photo collections by grouping shots by events, dates, people, locations, and so on. Quickly find what you need regardless of where files are stored - on your computer, external drives, or NAS.

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Tonfotos user interface

Find the faces of loved ones in each photo

Tonfotos artificial intelligence will automatically find the faces of people in your photos and help you mark those images that include your relatives and friends. The program learns from already marked photos and automatically offers you new photos with the same people. Modern neural networks allow Tonfotos to recognize people regardless of their age in the picture, and can work even if the face is only partially visible.

Face is recognized on image in Tonfotos application

Completely new look at your family history

Collect in one place not only family photos, but also reference and genealogical information about your ancestors, distant relatives and friends. Fill in the required information in the person's card, and you will be able to see all family ties between people, as well as quickly move between relatives in one click.

Detailed genealogical data about person in Tonfotos application

You decide where to store your photos

No vendor lock to a specific cloud service, no monthly fees, no matter how many photos you have - even a few terabytes. You are free to decide where and how to store your archive - in the cloud, in folders on your computer, on an external hard drive, or a little bit of everything. With Tonfotos you will always quickly find the pictures you need, wherever they are.

Stunning slideshows with just one click

Smoothly floating photos displayed on the screen create an atmosphere of real enjoyment of the past moment. Just press one button and the show will begin. Invite your friends to the screen and complete the show with your story about the emotions you experienced.

Your memories are priceless

Unlike many other programs that make moving files between folders as efficient as possible, Tonfotos focuses on enjoying your photos. A laconic and stylish user interface, a minimum of visible controls, vivid animated slideshows - this is just a part of what helps you enjoy your memories in Tonfotos.

Youtube video preview image

Licensing options and prices

Free license


  • No time limitations
  • Full functionality of paid version
  • Limited number of people on photos
  • Anonymous usage statistics helps us make product better
Personal license


  • 1 user/device
  • Perpetual License
  • Unlimited number of people in your photos
  • You can disable the collection of anonymous usage statistics
  • Priority email support
Family license


  • Up to 5 users/devices
  • Perpetual License
  • All the benefits of a personal license
  • Information about the persons in the photo is automatically synchronized between users
  • Can be installed simultaneously on different operating systems

Supported platforms

Tonfotos works on macOS, Windows and Linux.

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Awesome Features

Tonfotos is packed with features for organizing your archive.

Family ties

Family ties

Tonfotos can store detailed information about family and other relationships between people.

Albums and Favorites

Albums and Favorites

Gather photos into groups without changing where they are stored. Mark favorites with one click.

Instant view mode

Instant view mode

Make Tonfotos your default viewer to view photos in full screen right from the File Explorer.

Multiple storages

Multiple storages

Files can be on a PC, NAS, and removable hard drives.

Offline mode

Offline mode

Find what you need in your archive, regardless of external hard drives or shared folders being disconnected.

RAW Images

RAW Images

Work with RAW files just like with any other photo

HEIC files

HEIC files

Supports indexing and viewing Apple's heic files without preliminary conversion to JPEG

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