Tonfotos Image Viewer

Convenient Image Viewer

Tonfotos is a program for viewing photo and video files. It is intuitive, convenient and free. The Tonfotos Image Viewer application helps you quickly navigate through a large number of photos, and enjoy viewing it.

  • Helps to put things in order in your archive of photos on an external drive or scattered across a laptop
  • Everything is pre-sorted by dates, events, people, places
  • Easily find the right image in a huge archive

The main task of Tonfotos is to give you emotions. You can go back to photos taken a month ago or in the last century. Look into the faces of children, relatives, friends. Reminisce about experiences together. Immerse yourself again in the atmosphere of a holiday, a long-awaited meeting or vacation.

Viewing a photo of an antique car in Cuba in the Tonfotos Image Viewer application

Simple and intuitive user interface

Nothing should distract you from your photo viewing experience. To achieve this, we have created a modern and lightweight interface for the Tonfotos Image Viewer. On the main screen, there is a minimum of controls. They are focused on the most important actions, interactive and their purpose is clear even to an inexperienced user.

The program has a rich set of functions, but they are not put on the main screen as an endless row of buttons and icons. Superfluous information is hidden and appears when it is needed. Functions used less often, can be accessed via the context menu or application menu.

We believe that the most important thing when viewing photos is the photos themselves. Therefore, the image occupies the maximum share of the screen. In playback mode, the photo automatically scales to fill the available area.

Animated slideshow

Slideshow in Tonfotos Image Viewer is not just for flipping through photos. Instead, you will see the frames move smoothly across the screen, seamlessly shifting from one to the other. This is a whole new level of photo viewing pleasure in an image viewer.

With the slideshow function, you will look at your photos in a new way. Measured transitions lead to a meditative state, you tune in to the experience and immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of a family photo album."

Convenient photo search

Few people have the time and patience to neatly arrange photos into folders with clear names for easy retrieval. And photo archives are growing rapidly in volume, increasing day by day. Viewing events on the timeline comes to the rescue - a handy Tonfotos Image Viewer tool. All photos are grouped into events - these are a series of pictures taken in one place at one time (birthday, walk in the park, excursion). You can rewind time in one click and see your child again at a New Year's party or a mountain lake where you went with friends.

Timeline interface of Tonfotos Image Viewer - Prague event

Displaying events on a map is another handy way to find travel photos. For comfortable navigation, as you zoom out neighboring events are combined into groups, or again split into separate ones when you zoom in.

Displaying events on the UK map in the Tonfotos Image Viewer app

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Face recognition

Modern neural networks will help you quickly navigate the family archive and find photos with specific people. In 2 clicks you can choose your best photo for CV or avatar in the messenger.

Artificial intelligence will automatically study your photo archive and help you assign names to the faces found in the photos. You don't have to sit at your computer for hours to tag people in your photos. Neural networks will speedup this this task for you.

You can see folders with photos grouped by person by opening the special section “People”

People mode in Tonfotos Image Viewer app

Instant Preview

It is much more convenient to view a photo from a specific folder in Explorer in the Tonfotos Image Viewer application than in other programs. We recommend immediately setting it as the default image viewer application. Unlike the application built into Windows, Tonfotos will not open the photo in a separate window, but in full screen right on top of all your other windows.

Zoom in on a photo with the mouse wheel, move to different parts of the enlarged image by dragging it with the mouse, and switch to the previous or next one by pressing a key. Of course, this switch works even when the photo is zoomed in.

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The Tonfotos Image Viewer application is based on modern technologies. It is focused on the conciseness and clarity of the interface, which we are used to in mobile applications.

The program is developing rapidly and new functionality is being added. New versions are released every few weeks. Simplicity and ease of viewing photos will always be a priority when adding new functionality.

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