Manage Video Archive with Tonfotos

Family video archive

Keeping a family archive of videos becomes much easier with Tonfotos. Quickly navigate the huge collections of video files, no matter if they are spread out in different folders or dumped into one big heap. With feed view and instant previews, you'll always find the files you want without much fuss. Even if they are located on one of the external hard drives that are not currently connected.

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Instant preview

After the archive is indexed, thumbnails of the video will be shown in the feed in the same way as the photos, only they will be marked with a special icon so that they can be easily distinguished. When you hover the mouse over the video, a three-second snippet preview will automatically start so that you can quickly understand what the recording is about without opening the file.

Suitable for any video format

Thanks to the use of the FFmpeg library, Tonfotos understands an impressive amount of video file formats, including the rarest ones. Therefore, it will perfectly cope with material filmed by a quadrocopter, an action camera, and old digitized videotapes, and even DVD discs. It will methodically index all your files, create short snippets for instant preview, and display them in a convenient feed.

It is also possible to view in full resolution and in real time files of the most common video formats, such as mp4 and mov. Files of other formats Tonfotos will offer you to open in your default video player.